Welcome to The Humanity Collective
a sanctuary for people who make the world a better place. A home for people wanting to live well to serve well. To live, love & work like it matters.

This is where the seasoned, and the next generation, of Change Makers come together to share, encourage, and learn how to shape and influence the world in powerful ways.

The Humanity Collective is here to inspire, support and equip you to constructively move through the unique experiences of social change, development and humanitarian work in a way that allows you to maintain your authenticity, grow from your experiences and enables you to do your great work in the world.

The Humanity Collective gives Change Makers (like you) the strategies, mindsets, and resources needed to enjoy your career while staying connected to what matters most. You can do your good work in the world without selling your soul or burning out.

Collaborate with me.
Together, we will…

Clarify dreams, goals and visions of the impact you want to create in the world, the life you want to live, and the ways in which you want to lead and serve.

Discover what motivates you, and determine what you need to do on a regular basis so that you can be a powerful force for change in the world through your work and your life.

Create resilience and develop mastery of your thought, habits, and emotions so you can be happy and fulfilled.

Up-level your skills so you can be equipped to navigate the often intense, and sometimes brutal realities, of life as a Change Maker.

Why the Collective?


Change for a better world outwardly requires us to focus inwardly


You can be of service in the world without selling your soul 


Service for the long run, requires endurance, practice, support & community every step of the way

It’s time for…


Putting people and possibility at the center of development (including yours)


Learning the art of living well to serve well


Sharing collective knowledge, wisdom and truth telling in service of a better world for all

I wish for you to be…

Inspired and an empowered force for change in the world

Equipped with the skills, tools and self-compassion needed to face the sometimes brutal realities of doing good work in the world

How does the Collective work?

You are invited to become part of an integral collective of Change Makers who are going through the exact same experiences. 

Connect with the community for meaningful discussions, truth telling, inspiration, and wisdom. Develop networks, support structures & friendships.

Community Coming Soon

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Be the Change. For one. For all.

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