About Me

 Luminous Spirit + Wild Heart + Fiery Mind devoted to helping you design a Soul satiating life.

Synonyms: Darkness Walker. Keeper of the Light. Beauty Hunter. Angel Shaman. Soulsmith.

See also: alchemist, humanitarian, lover of life, dream chaser

My greatest joy, and my deepest sense of fulfillment come from helping people show up to life & to shine.

Illuminating the possible,

Empowering the becoming,

Guiding the creation of dreams, desires and visions.

This is my mission.

This is what I was born to do.

I’ve spent my life illuminating the dreams and pathways for every day heros, seekers, visionaries, leaders & change makers to help them create greater meaning & impact in their lives and in the world.

I’ve followed my deep longings around the globe and back so that I could fully know, express, and offer who I am.

I’ve traveled the world to broaden and deepen my understanding of the human spirit and to discover the varied and valid ways we create meaning and impact in our lives.

I’ve journeyed to the depths of myself to know my resilience, to learn how to walk in darkness and in light so that I can carve a path for others to follow.

I’ve discovered how to step out of my own shadows, out from the sidelines and into the arena to shape and influence positive change in the world.

I’ve learned that I am here to be of service to you.

To be of service to your discovery and alignment with your dreams and desires.

To support you in creating greater meaning & impact in your life, your work and in the world.

To help you live from the inside out.


I see the world in possibility,

I see people in their essence,

I see pathways for aligning essence & expression.


I see YOU.

I see your call to make the world a better place,

I see your longing to know life with depth & breadth,

I see your desire for connection, aliveness & inspiration,

I see your dance with fear & confusion & sometimes despair,

I see your insatiable yearning for more,

I see your light and your yearning for amplification,

I see your untamable soul.

And who am I?

I’m a dream chaser committed to living life wide and deep.

I’m a practical visionary – a dreamer at heart and a doer by nature.

I’m a change maker devoted to elevating others so that the world may be a better place.

I’m an alchemist who transforms trauma and challenges into healing, inspiration and self-expression.

I’m a spiritual warrior obsessed with the human spirit, a cultivator of resilience, strength and inspiration.

I’m a guide for leaders, seekers, visionaries & change makers ready to align with their callings.

I’m here to help you discover your path to an aligned life.

My goal is to give you tools and support so that you can create more meaning &
impact in your life, work and in the world.

How Do I Do This?

I bring a wide range of skills, experience and expertise to our work and here are my core strengths that shape everything I do:

Organization & Efficiency – I can’t help but see how everything could be more efficient in any space and in any situation. A key to creating a life that you love is creating the space to discover and design it. From time management to energy management, I can help you find the efficiencies in your life and work, to create the space you need inwardly and outwardly.

Spider Web Mind – My mind naturally constructs the whole of who you are and who you are becoming, which allows me to see the gap and the possible pathways in between. I connect the dots between things that seem unrelated and illuminate patterns and possibilities for you.

Perspective – I can see a bigger picture for everyone and every experience and I can help shift perspectives to show you new ways of seeing. Teaching you how to re-frame your world is one of the most powerful transformational skills I offer.

Amplifying & Reflecting – I ‘know’ the essence of others instantly. I see souls. Not as in I see dead people, more like I know the full potential of a soul energetically.  I can see, reflect and amplify your true essence. I provide the experience of truly being seen.

Intuition & Emotional Intelligence – I can read between the lines and sense what is unsaid very easily. I am often able to articulate needs in others long before they themselves can express it. I use these skills to help us get to the core of your desires and bring to the surface what wants to be known.

Leadership – Leadership is a way of showing up in the world and I love creating leaders. I can support you in developing your personal leadership vision, style & strategy.

Kindness & Compassion – My strength comes from my kindness and compassion and it is the fuel for all I do. I believe in the power of accountability & positive reinforcement and create structures and processes to support you with kindness and compassion.

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Random Facts:

  • In the past 20 years, I have lived in the US, Canada, France, Afghanistan & China.
  • I am a recovered work-a-holic.
  • I’m a Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn, and a Leo Rising.
  • I’m an ambivert, a reflector, a shamanic apprentice & a darkness walker who also loves the light.
  • I seek beauty in ordinary days, and I always root for the under dog.
  • I delight in photography, words, travel and stand up paddle boarding.
  • I consider small talk, domesticity and bathing suits necessary evils.
  • The keys to my heart are animals, mind-bending conversation and vulnerability. And chocolate.
  • I measure my success by my deep connections with others, the range of possibilities created, how often I laugh in a day, and by the expansiveness of my life.
  • My core desired feelings are: wild, sacred, luminous,and beloved.