Selfish vs Self-Full

I am sitting in the airport bound for some mountain medicine. Colorado here I come! Why? ‘Because it makes me come alive’. I have been saying this as a mantra to myself every since I booked my ticket a few months ago. When I saw the retreat being led by Martha Beck and Boyd Varty […]

Forget the Good Life. Go for Soul Satiated.

As an Alignment Strategist  helping people live and work in alignment with their Soul, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t walking my talk. I had been feeling really out of alignment with myself for awhile. In a big way. In unexpected ways. A few months ago, I finally started paying attention to the […]

Feelings Aren’t Failure

  Feelings are Life expressing itself through you. Feelings are information. Feelings are meant to flow. Feelings become problematic when they are stagnant or suppressed. Most people who are afraid of their feelings are scared because they rarely use the release valve, and instead bottle and suppress their feelings until they can no longer be […]