Selfish vs Self-Full

I am sitting in the airport bound for some mountain medicine. Colorado here I come! Why? ‘Because it makes me come alive’. I have been saying this as a mantra to myself every since I booked my ticket a few months ago. When I saw the retreat being led by Martha Beck and Boyd Varty […]

Forget the Good Life. Go for Soul Satiated.

As an Alignment Strategist  helping people live and work in alignment with their Soul, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t walking my talk. I had been feeling really out of alignment with myself for awhile. In a big way. In unexpected ways. A few months ago, I finally started paying attention to the […]

I Hate My Body + How I Stopped Being My Own Abuser

  Have you ever said to yourself ‘I hate my body’ ? Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and cringed? Have you avoided being in pictures capturing the events and shape of your life? Have you held yourself back from love, believing you weren’t worthy of your desires because of your size? Have […]

5 Lessons from Letting Go (from an expert hanger on-er)

I am in Costa Rica on a Qoya Teacher Training retreat and while it’s only been 2.5 days, so many lifetime lessons have emerged. Today, I was assigned to teach a Qoya class themed “Letting Go”. I initially resisted this assignment, being an expert “hanger-on-er” and all. I had to dig deep to find any […]

The Phoenix Rising

My entire life I have been on a spiritual quest, which for me means connecting to an infinite source of wisdom and love, getting out of my own way and surrendering to guidance so that I can heal the world. It’s been a winding, bumpy, and often dark journey. Because I didn’t connect, I saw the […]

Thanks Giving

I am grateful for: words and work where I find myself again and again; souls who return me to myself over and over; the expansiveness and possibilities that live in the void; the journey of discovery- of myself, of my spirit, of others; all of you who welcome and receive my offerings, my words; and the […]

Being an Embodied Change Maker

I am sitting here on this very cool morning, coffee in hand, looking at the leaves turning color in the backyard. Autumn is almost here and it makes me deliriously happy. This season always feels like my new year, and when I come to life. This is the season where I feel most energized and […]

10 Definitive Signs You Are A Change Maker

A friend recently confided that she hadn’t checked out The Humanity Collective because she isn’t a Change Maker. I couldn’t help but smile and say ‘Oh, but yes you are. You have just forgotten the truth’. It occurred to me that many people are forgetting who they are, or aren’t sure if they are Change […]

A Battle Cry For Your Humanity

Ironically the humanity that brings us to development and humanitarian work is  also the thing that often gets checked at the door. Sometimes it’s the organizations we work for that demand the disconnect. Sometimes it’s our own compassion fatigue that requires us to abandon ourselves. Sometimes it’s our weary hearts that simply refuse to rise […]