Feelings Aren’t Failure

  Feelings are Life expressing itself through you. Feelings are information. Feelings are meant to flow. Feelings become problematic when they are stagnant or suppressed. Most people who are afraid of their feelings are scared because they rarely use the release valve, and instead bottle and suppress their feelings until they can no longer be […]

5 Lessons from Letting Go (from an expert hanger on-er)

I am in Costa Rica on a Qoya Teacher Training retreat and while it’s only been 2.5 days, so many lifetime lessons have emerged. Today, I was assigned to teach a Qoya class themed “Letting Go”. I initially resisted this assignment, being an expert “hanger-on-er” and all. I had to dig deep to find any […]

Being an Embodied Change Maker

I am sitting here on this very cool morning, coffee in hand, looking at the leaves turning color in the backyard. Autumn is almost here and it makes me deliriously happy. This season always feels like my new year, and when I come to life. This is the season where I feel most energized and […]

Want to make the world a better place? Drop your first world problems.

This week there has been a lot in the media about suicide, depression and mental illness with Robin William’s passing. I have lived a wide range on this spectrum and so I read a wide range on these topics as well. And today I saw something that has stopped me in my tracks. A comment […]

Just Stop Asking

The best way I know to change the world is to change the questions I ask myself. Posing a new question shifts my awareness and propels me to seek a new answer, a new experience, a new perspective. The quest for a new answer changes everything. Every time. There are a few questions that I […]

A Road Map For A Weary Heart Journeying Through Darkness

Last week my hometown experienced a terrifying ordeal that left the city under siege and ended with 3 police officers dead, 2 wounded, and a community forever changed.  Friends and family continue to live through waves of disbelief, shock, terror, anger, and deep grief. Another friend reached out under the burden of all the world’s […]

Receiving: Radical Truth, Generosity & What Giving’s Got To Do With It

I am good at giving. I am comfortable at giving and it brings me tremendous joy to give. Giving is easy, and delightful. I give freely and often. Giving makes me feel purposeful. Receiving? Not so much. Sound familiar? If you are anything like me, receiving can be uncomfortable, awkward and laden with a wide-range of […]

Scaling Up Humanity & How to Strengthen Yours

With billions of dollars spent every year on official development assistance and poverty reduction, why isn’t the current model of development assistance having a bigger impact? There are lots of reasons and theories but based on my experience, I believe it’s because we aren’t factoring our own humanity into the equation. We come to this […]

A Battle Cry For Your Humanity

Ironically the humanity that brings us to development and humanitarian work is  also the thing that often gets checked at the door. Sometimes it’s the organizations we work for that demand the disconnect. Sometimes it’s our own compassion fatigue that requires us to abandon ourselves. Sometimes it’s our weary hearts that simply refuse to rise […]