Selfish vs Self-Full

I am sitting in the airport bound for some mountain medicine. Colorado here I come! Why? ‘Because it makes me come alive’. I have been saying this as a mantra to myself every since I booked my ticket a few months ago. When I saw the retreat being led by Martha Beck and Boyd Varty […]

Forget the Good Life. Go for Soul Satiated.

As an Alignment Strategist  helping people live and work in alignment with their Soul, I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t walking my talk. I had been feeling really out of alignment with myself for awhile. In a big way. In unexpected ways. A few months ago, I finally started paying attention to the […]

Feelings Aren’t Failure

  Feelings are Life expressing itself through you. Feelings are information. Feelings are meant to flow. Feelings become problematic when they are stagnant or suppressed. Most people who are afraid of their feelings are scared because they rarely use the release valve, and instead bottle and suppress their feelings until they can no longer be […]

I Hate My Body + How I Stopped Being My Own Abuser

  Have you ever said to yourself ‘I hate my body’ ? Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and cringed? Have you avoided being in pictures capturing the events and shape of your life? Have you held yourself back from love, believing you weren’t worthy of your desires because of your size? Have […]

A Small Shift with Big Impact (like more joy & more energy)

Always start with what you love or enjoy. Especially on days where you have to do the things you enjoy least. I used to put the things I enjoy last. Personally and professionally. Initially, it started as a mental reward system – do the thing I really loathe and then I get the reward of what […]

How to Create the Success You Desire

You want to be successful. You work hard. You dream big and strive to achieve your goals. You give your work all you’ve got, put in long hours, sacrifice things you love, and sometimes people you love. Even yourself. Because you have a mission to make the world a better place. And you know you […]

Making Change Without Burning Out

This week I had a passionate discussion with Erica Noelle Duncan, The Business Alchemist. Erica’s zone of genius is supporting people move from corporate careers into creating the business of their dreams. Erica is also a big Change Maker with a powerful story of supporting girls in Liberia but that’s a story I will bring […]

From Administrative Assistant to CEO: the 5 mindsets that got me there

  In 2000, fresh out of university, I began my professional career as an administrative assistant. My job was to answer the phone, manage the calendar and keep the office 
running. Flash forward to 2014, and I am the CEO of my own business. The journey along the way included high-ranking positions in Afghanistan and […]

Receiving: Radical Truth, Generosity & What Giving’s Got To Do With It

I am good at giving. I am comfortable at giving and it brings me tremendous joy to give. Giving is easy, and delightful. I give freely and often. Giving makes me feel purposeful. Receiving? Not so much. Sound familiar? If you are anything like me, receiving can be uncomfortable, awkward and laden with a wide-range of […]

The Art of Saying No & Scripts to Get It Done

Reality check- what we say yes and no to shapes our lives. Most of us don’t say no often enough and we end up taking on way too much. We allow scope creep because we don’t say no. We get frustrated and cranky because we don’t say no. We burn out because we don’t say no. […]