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You’re independent, adventurous, kind and curious.

You’ve achieved a lot in your life and by all standards are successful.

You long for more. And you aren’t sure what that more is.

Your life is full and at the same time you feel like it’s all passing you by.

You wish for a deeper sense of meaning and connection.

You know you’re meant to do something great with your life, but you feel like you’re waiting for something to happen.

You crave passion, fulfillment and meaning but sometimes fear gets in the way.

The people I work with are just like you. My clients include filmmakers shedding light on darkness in the world, professionals who influence policies to make the world a better place, mothers creating contribution and legacy through their children, volunteers advocating for social change in their communities, and artists & yogis practicing wisdom and healing in their homes.

What Do They All Have In Common With You?

They do great work in the world. Necessary, and important.

Their lives are the foundation to making the world a better place.

They are focused forward and outward.

And they are leaning too far into the doing and missing the joy of being.

Each of them longs for more. More connection. More ease. More meaning. More impact.

They all want to feel meaningful, purposeful, impactful, and free.

Some of the things we can do together to create greater alignment in your life:

  • Redefine your sense of self, success, and your way of being in the world
  • Re-ignite your dreams and desires
  • Get you clear, focussed and following through on your goals
  • Restructure your schedule and rewire your life for more of what you want
  • Bust through old paradigms and limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Lead a cause
  • Start a revolution
  • Take leaps of faith
  • And so much more

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You and Me for 90 minutes.  A burst of clarity, insight and direction.


A custom designed 4-month program to get you clear, focused, and aligned with your dreams & desires.

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Jodi is YOUR champion: she is in your corner for your personal and professional success and well-being. She brings a multi-disciplined focus to her work drawing from diverse fields including emotional intelligence, psychosocial consultation and strategic leadership experience to help professionals successfully achieve work-life balance.
Raseema Alam
International Development Expert
Jodi makes you realize that the change you want – starts with you. The inside of you will need to change and through that you will change the world!
Jodi delivers a powerful call for change, and a new leadership model. Radical. Simple. Doable. Jodi is a stunningly inspirational being! A true changemaker!
Jodi is a natural leader. She is so poignant and makes me want to be better.
Jodi is a shining light!
Jodi is a beautiful person who delivers an equally beautiful message. She is an inspiration to all to be the change.
Amazing, eye-opening and inspiring! Jodi will change your life.
Alexandra Hubackova
Coach & Trainer
Jodi reminds me to be a yes to life and a yes for myself.
Jodi is a change maker and has done incredible work in the world and is now showing others how to truly be the change, starting within.
I have worked with other coaches before but none like Jodi. She knows how to look into your soul and guide you, soulfully and compassionately, along the journey to living your desires.
Danielle Provencher
Desire Map Participant