Maybe you want some insight, clarity, and tools to feel more meaning and impact in your life.

Maybe you want to shed some light on that deep down longing for ‘more’ and discover what’s possible to make it happen.

Maybe you want some practical tools, and wisdom to move your dream, cause or business forward.

During our 90-minutes together, we will dive deep, getting to the core of you and the issue most important for you. You will get clarity, insight and focus. We will also shed light on fears and beliefs that hold you back. I’ll give you my best insight, laser focused attention and strategic guidance.

You will leave feeling illuminated, and with a greater sense of alignment. You will walk away with practical tools and an inspired action plan to keep you moving you forward.

Activate is ideal for you if you are on the verge of change and need support in getting to your right decision; need a catalyst to get you started moving in the direction of your desires, or need clarity and momentum to keep you going.

Investment: $300