You’re ready to give and live big.

You desire greater meaning and impact in your life and work.

You’re ready to do less and be more and want to learn new ways of showing up in your life and work.

You’re longing to lean in and discover your inner wisdom and learn how to let that guide your life.

You’re ready to take yourself, your work, and your life to the next level.

During our 4 months together, we will go wide and deep, and you will always get my laser focused strategic advice, intuitive wisdom, and breadth of experience. Everything I have in my toolkit will be available to you and tailored specifically to the transformation and results you want.

You will get a deep and clear understanding of who you are, become intimately acquainted with your wisdom, your dreams and your desires. You will discover new levels of self-awareness, and expand your view of what is possible in your life. We will dance with your light and your shadows so that you can move through fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

You will leave the program feeling seen, supported, empowered, and with a greater sense of alignment with your inner and outer realities. You will walk away with practical tools, laser focused wisdom and an inspired alignment strategy to keep you moving you forward.

What this Program Includes:

  • An in depth assessment of your current context, your ways of being and showing up in the world, and getting clarity on your deep desires as well as identifying the fears that are holding you back. This includes a detailed questionnaire for you to complete + a 2 hour intensive coaching session.
  • We’ll develop a personalized program based around the transformation and results you want.
  • Custom designed practices, rituals, and techniques to begin bringing your life into alignment immediately.
  • Two 60-75 minute coaching calls every month.
  • Accountability & support in between sessions .
  • Bonus: a free seat at my online Desire Map workshop

Elevate is ideal for you if you are ready to dig in, go deep, and create true transformation for yourself. Working with me is not for the faint of heart. You will need courage, openness and willingness to explore all areas of who you are and your life.

This is not for you if

  • You’re just thinking about change
  • You want transformation but aren’t ready to take the actions to make it happen
  • You aren’t ready and willing to step outside your comfort zone
  • You’re in financial or emotional crisis
  • You’re looking for someone else to make it all happen for you

This is PERFECT for you if

  • You’re passionate and devoted to your personal growth
  • You know that you have outgrown your life and are ready to step into a bigger version of who you are in the world
  • You’re committed to taking action to get into alignment with who you are and to create the meaning & impact you want in the world. Your world.

Payment plans available.

If you’re not sure if this program is the right fit or the right time for you, schedule a quick call with me to help you decide. It will be totally pitch and pressure free. Send an email to hello@thehumanitycollective.com and we’ll set up a chat.