Speaking from my experience of overcoming struggles with work-a-holism, and over- achieving in service to a belief that making a difference in the world required personal sacrifice;

Speaking about my healing from emotional and physical burn out, or

Speaking about taking leaps of faith, shifting personal paradigms of leadership and changing the world – I love connecting with audiences about creating meaning and positive impact in our lives and in the world.

For business, organizations, groups or clubs, I can speak to

Your call for greater meaning & impact;

Your becoming the change you wish to see in the world, and

Your practice of courageous living and leadership.

As a leader with a background in international development & humanitarian efforts, diplomacy, psychology, and entrepreneurship, my heart is at home in conversations ranging from work-a-holism, resilience, and leaps of faith to changing the world and authentic leadership.

I customize these talks to best fit the nature of your group and what you want me to address. Drop me a line and let me know how I can inspire and support you.

I feel so inspired listening to Jodi. She has a wake-up call to all changemakers of all kinds- and important for all of us who want to make the world a better place to live in.
Jodi lights up the stage with her infectious energy. Her life’s story is inspirational and a wonderful reminder to us all that we can be a change maker in the world. The journey to change begins with healing your own heart so you can step into the world and be the change instead of doing the change.
Shannon Nicholson
Jodi is a beacon of light to the world inspiring us to not only know our dream for ourselves but also how our dream contributes to the betterment of the world. She is passionate with a soulful heart! She’s mesmerizing and captivating with her message…encouraging us to start “BEing” the change in the world.
Jodi is an amazing changemaker. Her message is inspiring and heartfelt. I feel like a better person just listening to her.
Jodi is an amazing changemaker. Her personal experiences are powerful proof of her message and inspire me to focus more on being and less on doing. Her message of being the change instead of doing the change is what the world needs at this point.
Jodi’s message to truly BE the change is incredible, inspiring and thought provoking. She had me mesmerized from the first sentence! Wow… Wow… Wow!
Jodi is a powerful speaker with a HUGE message that will change the world! She is a changemaker and has done incredible work in the world and is now showing others how to truly be the change, starting within.